Welcome To My Portfolio

My Name Is Mohammad Waqas

I am a C#/ASP.NET developer

About Me

I am a very enthusiastic person with a passion for coding and technology. My journey into coding began at university while studying BA HONS Business Management & Information Technology, where I was introduced to HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT & VBN/C++, I later developed projects using those programming languages.

My passion for programming lead me to sign up for online developer courses where i sharpened my skills while studying at University. After completion of my degree I joined self-funded Development Professional Programme with JUSTIT to persue my career goal in full-stack development.I now have strong skills in C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL and good knowledge of object-oriented programming.

I am very keen and look forward to take my first step into the real development world.

My Technical Skills


My C# knowledge increased tremendously with JUSTIT developers professional programme as I learned about .NetFramework/ Primitive/Non-Primitive types /Control flow/ Arrays/ Lists/ Working with dates/ Debugging applications


I was introduced to ASP.NET MVC Fundamentals/ building forms/ Working with Data/ Implementing Validation/ Client Side Development


While creating backend projects with MVC 5 I was exposed to SQL 2012 Database; where i created database for movies and then uploaded it to my MVC Project; i have strong knowledge of SQL.


I have strong knowledge of HTML/ CSS/ JS/ BOOTSTRAP/ THE DOM/ J QUERY/ APIS.

My Soft Skills

Time Management

Time Management is extremely important to me, as it allows me to work efficiently and effectively meeting any deadlines required as an employee and as an individual.


For me being orgaised is an important part of job, as it helps in being more time efficient, helps increasing productivity and reduce stress level. Its one of the main reason that I am able to meet all the dealines and deliver the results expected of me in time.

Logical Thinker

I enjoy a challenge and the satisfaction of problem solving, as a logical thinker i can complete tasks systematically with a methodical approach, this allows me to be a sequential decision maker.

Team Work

I enjoy working as part of a team as well as individually.
I have experience of completed group tasks at University I ensured group works were submitted within the times requested.
I believe innovative complex problems can be easily achieved through teamwork.

My Projects

Public Speaking

Color Game


Color Game

Fun Kids

Color Game
  • Work Experience

  • 2018 - 2019

    Capita Plc

    Graduate Software Developer

    • Working within a Scrum Agile environment; the projects were assigned through a 2-week sprint, daily stand-ups.
    • Gathering all the necessary requirements to start the project.
    • Coding - core technologies used: mainly SharePoint 2013, Nintex workflows JavaScript/ jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5, JIRA, PowerShell, Service Now Tickets
    • Testing the code: upon completion I moved it to the test phase and then tested it with my peers and other developers. Once tested I then arranged a meeting with the customer and handed over the project.
    • Worked with both local teams and developers located abroad.
    • Using Web API’S (JavaScript) to GET data into SharePoint or POST data to Different location in SharePoint i.e. Different List or Library
    • Creating Web Forms using JavaScript, CSS and Html
    • A very good knowledge of Nintex workflows. Most of my projects in SharePoint. Used Nintex workflows to automate emails, Control Permissions, control where would the request be sent to, Query Lists, using Web Services etc.

  • 2015 - Present

    Vision Security Group

    Security Officer/ Receptionist

    • Being on time to carry out all safety checks
    • Providing Excellent customer service
    • Writing Incident Reports/ Reporting Incidents to Control Room/ Police
    • Discussing issues with team members before acting upon it
    • Working different hours at different sites with all different backgrounds
    • Maintaining professionalism and keeping calm in all situations

  • 2013 - 2015

    London OverGround

    Customer Service Advisor

    • Floating around giving breaks to colleagues according to lunch rota
    • Greeting & Advising customers according to their situations
    • Writing down information for customers and explaining it to them
    • Writing reports
    • Having meetings & preparing tasks for colleagues before an event
    • Always collaborating with team
    • Being flexible as working hours vary
    • Solving problems as they arise

  • 2012 - 2013

    Achilleus Security


    • Watching out for any Hazards
    • Being organised and punctual
    • Dealing with clients in extremely busy situations e.g. football matches, 2012 Olympics
    • Communicating with police officers and providing them with written incident reports
    • Working with external Security teams to avoid conflicts in busy events
    • Adapting to different situations